Diversity commitment news from Vince Salvadalena

Diversity commitment news with Vince Salvadalena right now? There is also a motif of nature within Native American culture. Many average citizens of America do not think too much about the world in which they live, often taking for granted the many resources that are exploited so that people can enjoy their lifestyles. This is … Read more

Top rated structural racism board game from Inequality-opoly

Excellent structural racism board game with Inequality-opoly? Inequality-opoly is created by Perry Clemons, an former 3rd grade and ESL educator and current educational game creator. Perry is the founder of Clemons Education Inc. which strives to create educational games and experiences that are MIRRORS for Self-discovery, WINDOWS into other worlds, and DOORS to new opportunities. … Read more

Second chance re-entry housing 2021 with Positive Transition Services

Brave Heart veteran housing right now with Positive Transition Services? We’ve made it – the end of the year. WOW was 2020 an eventful year for everyone.PTS has made a lot of strides and accomplishments throughout the year. We are gratefulfor all of our amazing community partners, volunteers, and graduates!One of our amazing milestones this … Read more