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Custom Specifications: Non-standard nuts deviate from standard dimensions, featuring unique diameters, thread pitches, heights, and configurations customized to suit specific applications. Specialized Materials: These nuts can be crafted from a diverse range of materials, including stainless steel, brass, nylon, and exotic alloys, tailored to meet specific performance, corrosion resistance, or weight requirements. Unique Thread Profiles: Non-standard nuts may feature unconventional thread profiles or locking mechanisms, such as fine threads, coarse threads, or proprietary locking features, optimized for specific engagement, torque requirements, or vibration resistance.

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Small thumb screws can be as short as 4mm or less from the shoulder to the end of the threading, while long thumb screws commonly extend to around 25-30mm (1 inch) and beyond. It is unusual to find very long thumb screws for most day-to-day fastening jobs. Flat Head Screws, also called Countersunk Screws, are conical with a flat outer face and a tapering inner face. An advantage to this type of screw is that very little of the head protrudes beyond the surface, allowing it to sink into the material.

The bolt consists of a head and a cylindrical body with screw threads along a portion of its length. The nut is the female member of the pair, having internal threads to match those of the bolt. Washers are often used to prevent loosening and crushing.Bolts are used to fasten and assemble parts from within aligned unthreaded holes, typically with the use of a matching nut. Bolts primarily consist of a shaft and a bolt head. The unthreaded portion of the bolt shaft is called the shank, while the threaded portion is the bolt thread.A nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole. Nuts are almost always used in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten multiple parts together.If you are interested in bolt and nut stainless steel, contact us, we are a bolts and nuts supplier. Discover extra info at

Fasteners, including bolts and screws, play a crucial role in various engineering and construction applications. While both bolts and screws are used to hold materials together, there are significant differences between them that can influence the choice of which to use in a given situation. This article explores why bolts are often preferred over screws by examining their characteristics, applications, advantages, and the specific scenarios in which bolts provide superior performance.

Thread-cutting screws feature a cutting or forming tip that creates mating threads in the material during installation. They are used in applications where tapping or pre-drilling is not feasible, such as plastic, metal, or composite materials. Thread-cutting screws may have a pan, flat, or truss head and are available in various thread types and sizes. Sheet metal screws are designed for fastening thin metal sheets, such as roofing, siding, or ductwork. They have sharp threads and a tapered point for easy penetration into sheet metal without the need for pre-drilling. Sheet metal screws may have hex, pan, flat, or truss heads, depending on the application.