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Property investment experts Limassol, Cyprus with The CDA Group has been existing since 2009 and is one of the major players in the Cyprus real estate market. In 2010, we established Cyprus Developers Alliance, an entity that promotes and sells properties of the developers who are members of the Alliance. There are currently 43 developers within the Alliance and our portfolio comprises more than 9,000 properties from all the regions of Cyprus and market segments. After the sales volumes of our Alliance amounted to significant sums, we, having reliable and comprehensive information about the structure of supply and demand in the real estate market, the preferences of the buyers, as well as having amassed a vast experience, launched our own development projects. Read even more information on apartments for sale in Limassol.

There is a search system available on every page of the web site. You can select the options that interest you (accommodation type, region, number of bedrooms, price range) and click on the option “Find”. You will be transferred to the general list of properties with brief descriptions of projects. Further, by clicking on the project number, you can see full information about it on a separate page. We will guide you through the purchase process if you answer a number of questions: What is the purpose of purchasing a property – permanent residence in Cyprus, holidaymaking or investment? What is the approximate budget allocated for your purchase?

In case you purchase a new immovable property then, as a rule, it still has no Title Deed. To date the process of issuing Title Deed for property is a prolonged bureaucratic procedure lasting 1-3 years. Nevertheless this very prolonged and thorough governmental inspection of validity of all the aspects related to construction makes Title Deed a document that irrevocably guarantees your ownership rights. Normally an application for obtaining a permit from the Council of Ministers is submitted right upon signing and depositing a contract of sale.

The swiftness of documents circulation depends on a developer as well. The point is that while an interim answer from one of state departments is being made ready the developer can and shall prepare documents for submission to another department. Competent and responsible work of developers with governmental authorities in this matter is of great consequence. Apprehensions that the rights of property owners for which Title Deed is still pending are not properly protected in case of force majeure were expressed. In response to critical comments Cyprus government has made amendments to the legislation owing to which the rights of diligent property purchasers without a Title have become securely protected.

According to official data from the Department of Lands and Geodesy of Cyprus, the real estate market on the island continues to show steady growth. In February 2023, the total number of transactions was registered, which increased by 8% compared to the previous year. This figure is the highest in the third month of winter since 2008. The most significant growth in property sales was recorded in Famagusta (45%), followed by Paphos (21%), Larnaca (18%) and Limassol (6%). In Limassol, most of the contracts were registered, which confirms the constant interest of buyers in this region. However, in the capital of the Republic of Nicosia, real estate sales fell by 18%. In the first two months of 2023, the total number of transactions was 2222, which is 17% more than in the same period last year. If you are looking for a property in Cyprus, our Cyprus Developers Alliance team is ready to assist you in finding and buying a home. We offer quality services and an individual approach to each client. Contact us today to start your property search in Cyprus today.

Business. Many European, Russian, Indian and other companies have their head offices moved to Cyprus or open their representations there. This is connected with unique atmosphere created there for business. This is the lowest level of taxes in the EU and minimum of bureaucracy. Probably the most important thing is that foreigners whatever nationality they are and whether purchasing holiday houses or permanently residing on the island feel at home in Cyprus. Absolutely everyone feels good and comfortable there. Most likely for all that Cyprus phenomenon mostly consists in that very amazing atmosphere. Not accidental, that foreigners now account for more than 1 in 5 of the population. This is the second rate in Europe. Read additional information at CDA group.