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Which pregnancy test provides the earliest results? First Response and Modern Fertility can both detect pregnancy up to 6 days before your missed period. However, it’s important to note that the accuracy isn’t as high. It’s still ideal to test after your missed period for the best results. Most at-home pregnancy tests can be up to 99 percent accurate on the day of a missed period. Which week in my cycle should I take a pregnancy test? For the most accurate results, take a pregnancy test the week after a missed period. Some home pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy earlier, but there’s a higher chance for false negatives during this window if your body hasn’t built up enough HCG. Even if you test early, it’s best to take another the day of a missed period and the week after a missed period.

Don’t Offer Until They Ask: When trying to stop breastfeeding for a 2-year baby, you no longer should feel obliged to offer your breasts as many times as your baby normally feeds. Wait and let them lead. If they are happy with their breakfast pancake or are too busy playing with their favorite toy, don’t offer them your breasts. See how many nursing sessions they are voluntarily skipping. However, if they ask for it, then don’t refuse. This can take time, but it will be a more tantrum-free approach to weaning your toddler. It is because they will not feel that their comfort-activity is being snatched away. They will wean willingly at their own pace.

You might as well start using safer cleaning products now because you’ll probably want to when you have a baby crawling around putting everything in his mouth anyway. Plus some of the chemicals in some cleaners are really not safe for your baby when you inhale them or absorb them through your skin. So for that healthy baby, have your husband do all the cleaning! OK that’s not likely to happen. So use natural safe products like Seventh Generation or The Honest Company or make your own. I personally have always like MedMom and even used their disposable diapers when I was traveling or for some other reason not using our cloth diapers. Is it really essential to clean during pregnancy? I suppose so; just sounds exhausting.

For the most accurate results, it’s best to wait at least until after (a day, ideally the week after) your period was due to start. Before this, there just might not be enough hCG in your urine to be detected on a pregnancy test. If you get a negative result on your pregnancy test, it might just be too early to tell. Try waiting a few days, then check again. It’s more common to get a false negative on a pregnancy test (due to testing too early, using an expired test, or not following the instructions), but false positives do occasionally happen. See even more info at