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Best centralised trading solutions with EXANTE? Gatis Eglitis is a highly valued participant in international conferences focusing on economic models of business development and information technology. Eglitis himself is a fervent defender of human existence in nature, respectful of the environment. After a change of residence to the Mediterranean coast, Gatis Eglitis planted more than 250 trees with his team. The most recent project is the landscaping of the local cancer center, where Exante makes a donation to charity through the commitment of its customers.

He became a professional trader. Everything came together perfectly: a predisposition, a mathematical mentality, the right education and the first serious job. All doors were open for in the industry. He found himself in a society of professionals like himself. A community of like-minded and enthusiastic professionals encouraged him to develop in the field of commerce, to trade and to make new contacts. The environment influenced him to form connections in like-minded circles.Anatoly KnyazevLinks to an external site. Discover even more information at

Before founding Exante, Gatis Eglitis acquired international professional experience in trading, business development and institutional sales by working as an Institutional sales trader, and later as an Institutional business sales manager at Saxo Bank. He co-founded Exante in 2011 as the member of executive and investment committee in Malta. After five years, in 2016 Gatis transferred to the position of the managing partner of EXT ltd, being directly responsible for strategic planning and business development at Exante.

Eglitis and his partners coEx anteLinks to an external 2011, forming part of the executive committee and the investment committee. In 2016 he became managing partner of EXT ltd Malta, with responsibility for strategy planning and business development. In the local financial services market, the company offered a comprehensive set of financial structures for merchants who entrusted their transactions exclusively to Maltese banks. The platform was the first and only of its kind to be created by real experienced traders, with the services of local professionals. The trading platform became a platform for funds with more than two resources to make a profit, operating in real mode on the Internet. Read even more info on

EXANTE was created by professional traders — for professional traders. We use our products ourselves because they are the only products in the market that work the way professional traders want them to work. The EXANTE trading platform provides direct access to all financial markets and instruments from a single multi-currency account. Buy and sell 400,000+ assets, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, options, futures, metals and currencies, in just a few clicks. We’ve created a network of 1,100 servers across the world to ensure the lowest latencies and safe data transfers. The EXANTE platform works on every device. Trade on the web, from a desktop Windows, macOS or Linux terminal, or right from your iOS or Android smartphone.

In 2005-2006, Alexey and his like-minded colleagues developed their own financial and investment strategies. Alexey and his partners created arbitrage between futures contracts with the help of robots, achieving high correlation and profit. It was a lot of money at the time. After graduating from university, Alexey Kirienko got a master’s degree in economics and became the main developer of a new business model, which later gained worldwide fame in the financial market. Read additional details at