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Best stainless steel factory right now? TOPSON another part is metal fabrication works specially on stainless steel, steel and aluminium fabrication. We have full set of fabrication facilities including plate cutting, laser cutting, grooving, drilling, punching, bending, welding, polishing and so on. We can offer full rang of fabrication works combining with TOPSON perfect surface treatment and color coating. You can find our works used in a huge range of architecture decoration and somewhere construction. Interior wall cladding, exterior wall facade, elevator door and cabin decoration, escalator decoration cladding, division screen, handrail, entrance door and door frame, and so on. Read additional information at stainless steel fabrication.

The Pergola Aluminium is an upright aluminium garden structure that can be standing above the courtyard or walkway, very like rattan, which allows the vines or ornamental plants to climb on both sides or top beams. It can be assembled with some aluminium pergola kits.They are usually used to create a bourseway and balcony/courtyard area, but can also be used for other purposes. They are used for more open spaces as decorative sunshade sources and do not necessarily include any type of place. This makes their application more diverse than typical garden structures. Topson specialize in designing and producing high-quality aluminium pergola and modern aluminum pergola kits. Can be quickly built pergola aluminium.

Custom stainless steel screen is very high, not easy to occur, so his service life is also very high. After all, stainless steel is one of the highest strength materials in the metal material of the building. In addition, the stainless steel screen does not produce corrosion, pixment, rust or wear, because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so it enables the structure The components are permanently maintaining the integrity of engineering design. It can meet the needs of architects and structural designers to maintain long-term durability.

Vibration finish with PVD coating colors makes the sheet is environment friendly and never color fade.vibration finish is popular applied in kitchen decoration. Made of high-quality materials and delicately crafted using advanced technology, Topson decorative stainless steel sheet suppliers shows a touch of class and beauty. The unique performance has won warm praises from customers. After years of operation, Foshan Topson Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. has established a complete product system.

TOPSON has over 15 years experiences for stainless steel decorative sheets and metal fabrication works. We can do perfect works according to customer’s requirement with our strong engineer team and experienced production management system. TOPSON stainless steel decorative sheets are mainly exported to Mid East, Southeast Asia and America market. Our material and products are well recognized and trusted by customers. The products cover different shape with hairline,mirror, bead-blasted or other finishes. It is widely used as wall clading, cabinet, ceiling, handrail, panel and so on. Read additional details at

Two, bending test. Bending test is an effective method to test the bending resistance of stainless steel sheets and coating. In the bending test, can find the stainless steel sheets defects in time and repair in time. Bending test, as one of the important inspection steps in stainless steel sheets manufacturing, provides an important basis for ensuring the bending resistance of stainless steel sheets materials. Three, cup protrusion test. The cup burst test is an effective method to test the stamping performance of stainless steel sheets. In some application fields, there are strict standards for the stamping of stainless steel sheets materials, such as machinery manufacturing, automobile and ship plates, etc., in the process of mechanical forming if the stamping performance is not up to standard, easy to lead to stainless steel sheets cracking, seriously affect the quality of products. Therefore, in the manufacture of stainless steel sheets, cup test is indispensable.