Premium appointment booking WordPress plugin

Expert scheduling website plugin? This plugin can be adapted to a wide range of business applications like: Rentals(cars, rooms, equipment etc.), Hotels, Gym, Beauty parlors, SPA, Car wash, Clinics. The list is endless. Pretty much anything that requires booking a period in time. Read even more information at appointment booked.

The Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress! Why would you even need those? Well, the organization is everything nowadays. Today’s environment is quite dynamic and competitive. Therefore in order to please your clients, remember important meetings and appointments and stay on top, you definitely need calendars. Besides, those will also help you to better manage your time. So, if you are ready, let’s start! What Are Calendar Plugins? Let’s start from scratch. So, what are calendar plugins? Generally, plugins are add-ons that help you to level up your website, add some extra features, and enhance the overall experience of your and your front-end users. Calendar plugins are plugins that will work great for time management, scheduling events, appointments, and different tasks related to your website.

WordPress calendar plugins are a great accessory for displaying upcoming conferences, meetings, or events to your website visitors. In fact, calendaring events straight from the WordPress dashboard has never been easier. Whether you run a music blog, a community group, or even manage a professional organization’s website, being able to openly display events for site visitors, complete with event information, is a great way to boost your authority and establish yourself as a reputable and engaging brand.

When setting up your WordPress website calendar, Events Manager lets create as many venues as you need that can then be assigned to future events. Google Maps integration ensures your visitors know exactly where each calendar entry is taking place. Displaying the events on your website is easy too, thanks to the calendar widgets for your sidebars and other widgetized areas of your site. There’s a Pro version available for those who need more features and functionality. Some of the extra features you can get access to by upgrading to Events Manager Pro include the ability to accept payments as part of the ticket registration process, support for coupon codes so that you can offer discounted tickets, and a custom booking form builder tool.

Coupons: Create coupon codes for your customers so that they get the best value for money always. Email Reminders: Calendarista sports the simplest way to schedule an email reminder. Your recipients will receive an email notification just before the appointment. Schedule meeting notes to arrive just before the meeting. It’s like having your own personal assistant. Read more details on